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Ph.D. Integrated Textile and Apparel Science, 2002; Auburn University

Thesis: Fire-retardant Fabric Applications for Post-Apocalyptic Climates

Ph.D. Paranormal Psychology, 2000; Harvard University

Thesis: A Blend of Fringe Science, Paranormal & The Asinine

M.S. Accounting, 1996; Berkeley College

Thesis: The Foundations of Quantitative Finance Amidst Squalid Communal Populations"

B.A. Private Investigation, 1992; Brown Institute

Thesis: Investigation of Cross-Cultural/Inter-Racial Semantic Analysis Processing

B.S. Environmental Design, 1992; University of British Columbia

Thesis: Computer Modeling Accessible, Sustainable and Kosher Garden Spaces for Y2K

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Intentional Misuse of Polyester Threads in Prototype Spacesuits - © 2002

Clown College Conundrum: The New Vaudevillians - © 2000

White Collar Crime: Incest Below the Mason Dixon Line - © 1996

Anthrax and it's Variance in Quasi-particulated Erasing Agents - © 1986